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Forceland tires: find out everything about the brand and tire lines

With a global operating base and offices in Los Angeles, Forceland is a tire supplier with quality products, exceptional service and the continuous search for quality tires and, most importantly, affordable prices. To help you learn a little more about the Singaporean brand, we have put together this complete guide to Forceland. Check out what you will read in the article:

About Forceland

Forceland tire

Forceland is a tire brand from Singapore, specializing in the light truck, UHP and On/Off Road segments, the company offers a wide range of options, from all-season urban tires to traction tires for all terrain.

With factories in Germany, where it develops Run-Flat technology, China and Thailand, the company offers high-quality, state-of-the-art tires that meet the highest standards in the tire industry; equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge technology and professional R&D team.

Its tires provide high performance, durability and safety, meeting the requirements of drivers and Brazilian seals that ensure reliability and superior performance in all conditions of Forceland tires. In addition to the excellent rates, cost-benefit is one of the biggest differentiators in the tire market.

In Brazil, Acho Pneus, to date, is the only Forceland reseller company, with measurements for passenger cars in the Vitality F22 and Vintek F35 models.

Forceland tires

Forceland tires cover a wide range of models, from specific tires for urban vehicles to off-road tires. Here at Acho Pneus you will find Forceland tire options in the Vitality and Vintek lines, with the F22 and F35 models, respectively.

Each model is designed with a focus on specific characteristics such as grip, wear resistance and stability. Tires for urban use stand out for their low noise level and comfort, making every journey smoother.

The tires are manufactured with high-tech materials, which guarantee excellent performance in all conditions of use. Understand each model:

Forceland Vitality F22

Forceland Vitality F22 Tire

The Vitality F22 tire is a high-performance UHP touring tire. This line of tires has an asymmetrical tread design with deep grooves that help evacuate water, providing grip in wet conditions. It also has a high-tech rubber compound that helps extend the tire's useful life, the advanced silica compound, according to the manufacturer's own specifications.

AQUAPLANNING: the Vitality F22 model is a tire with an excellent rating on wet roads, improving the vehicle's handling on tracks in rainy conditions and similar conditions.

BRAKING: developed to have a resistant tread, it has the ability to improve braking distance, providing faster and more precise braking. It is designed to offer a combination of good grip and durability.

Forceland Vintek F35

Forceland Vintek F35 tire

The Vintek F35 tire is a tire model for light load vehicles such as vans and small trucks. As it is specially designed for heavier vehicles, Vintek can support high load levels, reaching a limit of 1,450 kg. Furthermore, the F35 has good performance on wet roads, the tire, with its symmetrical tread and wide grooves, can make water drain through the grooves with ease, providing safer driving in wet conditions.

AQUAPLANNING: with three deep grooves on its tread, the Vintek F35 has excellent water drainage, allowing performance in wet track conditions to be higher.

LONGEVITY:With its advanced rubber compounds, the Vintek F35 tire has greater resistance to irregular tread wear.

Technology used in Forceland tires

Forceland tire factory

Forceland stands out not only for the variety of its tire lines, but also for the incorporation of advanced technologies, without losing the brand's great highlight, the cost-benefit of the tire based on the rates it delivers.

The use of high-quality rubber compounds and the application of tread designs for enhanced improvement on different types of roads are technologies invested by Forceland for its tires.

The company has been working on renewed noise reduction technology in urban tires, in an attempt to increasingly provide a silent and comfortable journey with tires for passenger cars. In off-road tires, technology is reinforced to resist impacts and cuts on all terrains.

Is the Forceland tire good?

Yes, Forceland tires are excellent, considering cost-benefit, efficiency and durability. The company is increasingly standing out in its tire lines, with its models always approved by Brazilian approval tests, such as the Inmetro.

Forceland's urban models offer a combination of durability and energy efficiency, making them a solid choice for those looking for savings without compromising the quality of an imported tire. Tires designed for off-road adventures demonstrate excellent capacity on challenging terrain, guaranteeing excellent performance in mud, sand and rocks. Forceland tires offer excellent performance in all conditions of use. Forceland tires — comparing the Vitality F22 line — are also fuel efficient, helping you save money in the long run.

Are Forceland tires safe?

Forceland tires are safe, yes. The company uses the highest safety standards when manufacturing its tires. Each tire undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

From wet braking to high-speed stability, Forceland tires are designed to keep the driver and passengers safe in all conditions. In addition to the tests the tires are subjected to, the company also offers a factory warranty of up to 5 years for its models against manufacturing defects.

How durable are Forceland tires

Forceland passenger tire

When we talk about tire durability, it is necessary to understand that there are several factors that impact the duration or mileage driven. A tire can last 10,000 or 80,000 kilometers, but it all depends on the factors and conditions that the tire was subjected to, such as: track conditions, driver handling, maintenance and alignments carried out on the vehicle, and so on.

It is not because a tire is imported that the criteria change, for both national and imported tires, durability will be related to the care and exposure of that tire and vehicle and the driver's drivability.

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Comparing a Forceland tire to other brands

Forceland has stood out by offering a balanced combination of performance, safety and durability in its products. In Brazil, the company has been recognized and approved by those who install Forceland tires, which prove that the brand goes beyond cost-benefit and competitive prices, but rather a high quality option for drivers.

The technology used in Forceland tires, combined with the variety of options for different types of vehicles, places them in a prominent position among imported tires, with this, the manufacturer delivers a product that meets the Brazilian market's indices and that present tough options to drivers.

In short, Forceland offers tires that offer the same level of performance, safety and durability as many domestic and imported brands, but at more competitive prices.

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Maintenance and care of Forceland tires

tire change

Proper tire maintenance is essential to extend their useful life and ensure continued performance. Maintain tire pressure at the values recommended by your vehicle manufacturer, balance and align regularly, check tread wear, all of this is basic care for your tires that should be carried out at certain intervals. It is necessary to pay attention to care and carry it out regularly.

By following these simple guidelines, you can extend the life of your vehicle's tires and also avoid premature replacement due to incorrect rubber wear.

Forceland in the Off-Road world

Forceland also offers a line of off-road tires. The manufacturer's all-terrain tires are designed to offer excellent performance in rough terrain conditions. These tires are made from high quality materials and use advanced technologies in the treads.

Currently, three models are available from Forceland manufacturing: Rebel Hawk M/T, Rebel Hawk R/T and Rebel Hawk A/T. Resistant models, with advanced technologies for tread compounds.

The lines are not yet available in Brazil, but are present in the manufacturer's product catalog, available in other countries where Forceland is also sold.

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